Tiny Pockets, Tiny Treasures

Busiest Moms in the World Spring Clean Challenge Day 34

Dresser and Desk Clean-Up


There are many untold stories in a child’s heart when we empty their pockets and miniature purses.


And when we take time to ask them, many times they do not have the words to explain these wonderful treasures.


 But near and dear to their heart they are and each tiny piece something special.  


Young school aged children take these treasures very seriously and we must take care to keep them safe when they empty their little pockets and tiny purses.


My little guy empties his pockets all over the house, but for the most part he empties them on the dresser next to his bed. To keep the treasures safe and sound I bought him a little box with a lid with a hinge.


From time to time I help him purge the box but for the most part the tiny treasures rarely take up much room. And boy, does he love digging through his treasure box to find that one special thing, usually a tiny little part to a Lego creature that will make the perfect new sword for his newest Lego invention.



Our Spring Clean Challenge for the Day:


  1. Tidy up the flat surfaces of your child’s room. Put away stray items and throw away any trash. This may be a perfect time to take a note on any little boxes for storage you may need.
  2. Dust the flat surfaces with a microfiber towel and clean with a non-toxic cleaner as needed. I try to use as little cleaning solutions as possible in my child’s room.


And that is it… it is short but could take a while, it all depends on how many tiny treasures you discover during your tidy session.


Enjoy the journey, and if your little ones are around have them help you put their little treasures away and make sure to ask about at least one or two.

These tales of tiny treasures will be the stories you remember many years from now.  Because these are the stories of your little ones hearts.



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