What’s For Supper #110 {Happiness is Strawberries!}

Hi Friends! Here is What’s For Supper #110, Happiness is Strawberries! Berry season is still swinging here in sunny California. Their sweet berry goodness is one of our picky eater’s favorites, so we take enormous advantage of this summer treat at Momma’s house!

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Let’s Plan To Eat This Week

Grab a pencil and your planner or a piece of paper and let’s plan for dinner this week together! Find out what is ripe to eat locally by glancing at the sales papers or checking the local farmer’s market ads or websites. Fresh is best! Planning meals around locally grown foods is good for you and the environment.

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Happiness Is Strawberries!

Strawberries are a treat year-round thanks to amazing growers here in California and Mexico. But when you get the local, they are so darn sweet and tasty. I just got home from a visit to Tennessee and was lucky to taste a few local treats from their neck of the woods. However, the first thing I bought when I got back home was a big flat of strawberries from local California growers and I am ready to eat their goodness all week!

Strawberry Mascarpone Mint Honey Crostini

Yummy Strawberry Lunch and Dinner Ideas

Here is five of my favorites.

  1. Just wash and eat. Seriously, they are so good right off the plant, washed well, and put in a cute bowl.
  2. Strawberry Salad with other berries. I love this salad, filled with berry goodness. This salad has amazing caramelized pecans!
  3. Strawberry Chinese Chicken Salad with a Strawberry vinaigrette– This is hands down one of my favorite recipes.
  4. Strawberry Mascarpone Mint Honey Crostini – This is one of those luncheons treats that you just can’t stop eating.
  5. Strawberry Preserves on a slab of Irish Soda Bread – So it’s not fancy, but it sure is tasty.

I hope these recipes encourage you to find your very own favorite locally grown veggies and fruits!

Mediterranean White Bean Pasta Salad ingredients

Dinner Menu This Week

Macaroni Monday – Okay, so its pasta, but still, it sort of counts. Mediterranean White Bean Pasta Salad {Vegetarian}

Tuesday We Have MexicanSlow Cooker Chicken Carnitas Burritos with all the fixings.

Wacky Wednesday – Sheet Pan Supper with Shrimp Sausage, Corn, and Potatoes. Not so wacky, but honestly a good easy Shrimp Boil on a Wednesday just seemed to make me happy!

Thursday We Eat Italian – Skillet Chicken Lasagna and Green Salad

Friday – Dinner Out– Supporting Mom and Pop restaurants and local eateries.

Saturday – DIY Pizza and a Movie Night – We will make individual pizzas and have a variety of veggie toppings. Then pop some corn later and watch a movie!

Sunday Supper – Rotisserie Chicken, Buttered Potatoes and Strawberry Salad

So glad you stopped by and I hope the strawberry recipe ideas and our menu plan helped you get jazzed for creating your own meal plan this week!

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I wish you a productive week and hope this menu plan finds you safe and healthy!

Thanks for reading What’s For Supper #110

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