Hey Momma! What’s For Dinner?

Find out what is for dinner at Momma's house this week. SImple meals for busy families.

Hi, Friends! This week on What’s For Dinner we are embracing seasonal vegetables and simple meals to enable more outdoor time to pretty up our yard and deck. It needs an overhaul, but there are simple ways to make a backyard look nice while you are waiting to renovate.  Fresh cushions for the seating, a few potted vegetables and plants and one whimsical yard element can make a world of difference. Spending time in the backyard is a great way for families to bond!  So that is our plan and the reason why we are going to enjoy grilled meats and vegetables, simple sandwiches and one traditional Sunday Fried Chicken supper for fun! There is no need for busy moms to make fancy dinners every night of the week. It will just make you tired and cranky! Free up your time with simple suppers so that you can create more memories with the kids and that special someone in your life. Or, use those extra minutes for some mom-time pampering.


What’s For Dinner this Week

Monday – Grilled Chicken over Arugula greens and a big baked potato with yummy toppings.
Tuesday – Leftover grilled chicken, Crescent’s Greek Style Green Beans, and Rice
Wednesday – Tostadas with refried beans and ground turkey
Thursday – BYOS – Build. Your. Own Sandwich. I am also serving some fresh pickled/fermented vegetables and sliced tomatoes. Yum!
Friday – Honey Glazed Baked Black Cod with Spinach and Ritz Cracker Casserole ( a recipe I used to make a the O’Club years ago) I am making food I love, my kid can eat a corn dog. lol
Saturday – Dinner Out
Sunday –  Sriracha Sweet and  Sticky Chicken Legs, Frozen Fries ( my younger kid is learning to cook, baby steps), Cucumber and Tomato Salad

I am looking forward to a relaxing week and am planning a family game night along with working on a special project for my new granddaughter. I hope to have it finished by next week!

We usually play traditional board games, Scrabble, Life, Trivial Pursuit, and Monopoly.  Lately, we have been playing UNO, which is so much fun.

What games do you enjoy playing with you children?


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  1. Sounds like a great dinner plan! I wish I lived closer and I would join you for game night!

  2. I am getting hungry reading this weekly dinner menu and it is only 10:00 am where I am. You have one lucky family because you serve some tasty meals.

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