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10 Simple Father’s Day Breakfast Ideas

10 Simple Fathers Day Breakfast Ideas  – Breakfast in bed, breakfast on the porch, breakfast in the kitchen or the dining room.  No matter where you serve you Father’s Day breakfast it will be a hit.  Get out your prettiest dishes, have the little ones help in the best way they can and enjoy the process.  What do you serve for Father’s Day breakfast? Or is there a special diner or deli that your family enjoys visiting every year?

1. French Toast Breakfast – Who doesn’t love French Toast- we make this recipe every Christmas morning.

Overnight French Toast
Turkey Bacon
Fresh Fruit
Coffee or Tea

2. For the Pork Loving Daddy – most men love pork, except my husband whom only eats birds that do not fly well.  (chicken and turkey)

Pork and Egg Breakfast Casserole
Thick Cut Bacon
Orange Juice to wash it all down


3. Cold Cereal and Toast – If you have small children this is the way to go.

Cold Cereal
Toast with assorted Jams
Sliced Bananas
Orange juice or Ice Cold Milk


4. For the Health Nut Daddy -simple and healthy

Perfect Oatmeal
Blueberries and sliced Strawberries
Scrambled Egg Whites ( free range please)
Green Tea with a bit of honey

5. For the Old School Father – Move over Ward Cleaver

Bacon and Eggs
Orange Juice

6. For the Smoothie Loving Daddy – This will give him that burst of energy from his youth.

Extra Healthy Smoothie

7. For the Meat Lover – add bacon if you really want to make this over the top.

Perfectly Grilled Steak
Sliced Tomatoes
Texas Toast
Coffee or a Soda Pop ( what the heck!)

8. Easy Tex- Mex Breakfast – Everybody loves Tex- Mex cuisine.  Add refried beans to the menu if you are feeling wild and crazy. Don’t forget the Beano!

Migas – This recipe is so easy.  In my house we always add ketchup and cumin  if we did not have fresh tomatoes handy.
Sliced tomatoes and avocados
Pineapple -orange juice

9. For the Golfer – Let your man do what he loves.  And if he takes the kids with him…. winner, winner, chicken dinner.

Toasted Bagels with Cream Cheese
Arnold Palmer
( and one ticket of freedom to go play a round)

10.  The Diner Lover – I love diners.  They are just so dinery.
Everyone loves a good old fashioned diner breakfast.  Take dad to the diner, but plan on waiting.  Folks do love their diner breakfast.


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  1. We will most likely go with cold cereal. But the man does often request breakfast for dinner. And for that I may borrow a recipe or two 8^)

  2. Hi Kp, thank you for s topping by, We are doing the cold cereal, little guy wants to do everything!

  3. I wanted to stop by and say “hi” to all of our 31 day challenge ladies! I love hosting this as it is such a wonderful way to meet so many ladies who each have amazing and different stories to share! Great list post! PS love the french toast… YUM!
    Shelley “the hostess”

  4. Great breakfast ideas for Father’s Day! I especially love the pork and egg breakfast casserole. Actually, we just found out that our local McDonald’s offers free breakfast to Dads on Father’s Day, so I think we’ll go with that!

    Glad you’re enjoying the SITS challenge!

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  6. Ooh these are great ideas. I suppose I can make my hubby breakfast in bed, if the baby allows it… lol

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