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Repurposed Carafe Becomes Mouthwash Dispenser

repurposed carafe becomes mouthwash dispenser

Repurposed Carafe Becomes Mouthwash Dispenser

I really wanted something pretty to use instead of the giant “Costco” sized mouthwash bottle that was sitting on the sink. I saw a few designed to hold little disposable paper cups at Target, but I had purchased a soap dispenser of the same brand and it just did not hold up to the constant use of family life.

Poking around in my cabinet trying to think of something and pulled out a half-sized wine carafe.  We use these carafes at Christmas for DIY mimosas.  I figured what the heck!

I filled it up with mouthwash and popped it on a pretty glass tray from one of my Homegoods treasure hunts.
It looks just fine and was pretty cheap.


I am super happy with my new mouthwash decanter! It is simple to refill and looks great on the counter next to my DIY foaming hand soap!

Repurposing items at home are a fantastic way to save money and if it looks attractive then it is a double win!

You can find these at Target and probably and most likely any wine store. You can also find them here. (affiliate)

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  1. Nice update. I like you loathe those big label covered containers. If it goes on the counter it should be pretty!!!!

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