Hey Momma! What’s For Dinner #44

Hey Momma! What's For Dinner?I can’t believe it is mid-July! Where has the time gone?  We are knee deep in orchestra camp and busier than ever! Meals are going to be super simple, and even more so as we anxiously await the dishwasher repair man to show up on Tuesday!
I am not lazy about washing dishes by hand, but gadzooks! Kids can mess up so many dishes in the summer! I would have to get a few more glasses and bowls just to make it through lunch!  But this is just a typical bump in the road of homemaking.

I am actually making a list of things that need a little maintenance before winter sets in and I start baking and cooking for the holidays!  Who loves the holidays!  This gal! 🙂

Now let’s talking menu.

What does a busy mom cook during a hot summer, with a broken dishwasher, while juggling work, camp, and all the other plates we generally spin throughout the week?  Simple! We dive into our Freezer Stash!  I am grabbing pizzas, steaks and frozen chili. 

Menu Plan:

Monday – Frozen Pizza, Green Salad, and Strawberries. I am loving Amy’s Rice Crust Cheese Free Pizza right now and making a pepperoni pizza for the teen in the house.

Tuesday – Grilled Steaks, Purple Hull Peas and Mashed Potatoes via the Slow Cooker or Instant Pot.
Wednesday – Leftover steak on a big green salad, watermelon chunks, and lemon sorbet if the boys mind their manners at the supper table.

Thursday –  DIY Sandwich and Salad night. I will make up a few deviled eggs to make it special, this is my favorite recipe. 

Friday – Indian Out!  I can’t tell you how excited I am about my yummy nights out with my husband, especially now that he is pretty much Vegan. But in a way, it has made me more creative and focussed on serving fresh vegetables at each meal in all the colors of the veggie rainbow.

Saturday – Keto Chili, Vegan Chili and Chopped Mexican Salad… which is like Greek salad, but has grilled corn and avocado with a fresh cilantro vinegarette. Wait, maybe it is nothing like Greek Salad. lol . but I do love a good chopped salad. * My Keto Chili is basically my turkey chili recipe minus the beans. 🙂

Sunday –  Grilled Pork Loin, Skillet Fried American Potatoes, Greek Style Green Beans, and Sliced Tomatoes I bought a super cool Lodge Cast Iron Stove Top Griddle that cooks really well and makes gorgeous grill marks. I just love it.

I would love to hear what you are having for dinner this week!  Food chat is my favorite.

Get crazy curious and find out what we are having for dinner this week. ;)

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