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The Summer Bucket List_ Making Memories with Your Children

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Fill Your Child’s Summer with Memories, Learning Experiences and Fun

Summer can slip by very quickly.  To make sure our summer is filled with more than just one simple family vacation I wanted to create a way to make many, many happy filled memories with educational experiences thrown in without Little Guy even realizing how much he is learning.

To make this happen without spending hours and hours planning and I completed this task in a one half hour commitment.

I created a Summer Bucket List.  The list includes at least two of Little Guy’s choices that I had previously quizzed him on during the last week of school.  His choices of course were Disney Land and Lego Land.  We recently visited Lego Land so I encouraged him to choose something else.  Well, he stumbled and finally decided on the local zoo.  (Thank goodness)

To find more economically friendly experiences I scoured the local paper and local magazines.  I actually found several free or super cheap things to do this summer.  The local library also has a free summer reading program, which we are taking advantage of and I am thrilled that they have an impressive fish tank and a playground. Win, win, for this momma.

Here is a rough draft of our list.

  1. Museum of Natural History– we luckily have a very nice local one.
  2. The zoo– this year we purchased the year pass so budget wise we are set and can go more than once during the summer.
  3. The Children’s Garden – local and free!
  4. Family Picnic – We must all make an effort to bring back the traditional family picnic.
  5. Six Flags (yes I talked up Six Flags to avoid the crazy summer lines at Disney.)
  6. The Summer Reading Club at the library.
  7. One painting on a real canvas. (This coming from a little guy who was not so fond of coloring in Kindergarten but learned to love it in first grade thanks to a wonderful set of drawing books recommended by his first grade teacher.)
    Note to self – start collecting Joann Fabrics, Michaels Arts and Crafts and other crafting coupons.
  8. Random Ice cream Parlor Trip
  9. Chuck E Cheese – already complete thanks to big brother Chris and his super sweet girlfriend.

10. Ronald Reagan Museum – Little Guy’s favorite place in the world!

11. Random lunch at the Park

12. A visit to the beach. (We are pretty close, Southern California perk.)

13. Grow something green. (We are using simple planters.)

14. Lego Party– basically another afternoon while mommy builds ridiculous Lego Ninjago sets while Little Guy snacks and discusses how slow I am.

And that is pretty much it for the time being. Although I do have noted on the list completing 3 chapter books, reading daily and practicing math facts but these are incorporated on his Summer Chore Chart.  I did not want to lose the awesome momentum of first grade by stopping cold in the summer.

The next step is to add this list to the family calendar so hopefully big brother and my husband can participate in the really special ones.

*Note: For the more expensive trip to Six Flags Little Guy has to complete 100 cards in Veggie Boot Camp. There is nothing like a great incentive to get a little one to eat their greens.

Simple Daily Challenge: Spend a few minutes with the local newspaper and write your Summer Bucket List and if you have some super ideas please add them to the comment section.  Raising children takes a village and with the age of technology the village is also electronic.


Peace and popcorn,



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  1. Grandma Bonnie says:

    I am helping my grandchildren grow tomato plants this summer. Even my grandson who lives in a big city. I gave him two large pots and soil and he is growing them on the balcony. I am a big believer in making play a learning experience. Thanks for following. I am following back.

  2. We went and did a spontaneous bucket list item for my son today. He wanted to go to the Rose Garden in Town. We took an hour and went and enjoyed the sun, roses and squirrels. So glad we were able to make that memory.

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