Weeknight Family Main Dish Dinner Ideas

Family Main Dish Dinner Ideas are easy to make so yummy your family will ask for seconds! 16 Yummy recipes to drool over and add to your menu plan this week!

Weeknight Family Main Dish Dinner IdeasHappy Monday! This week I am sharing lots of yummy weeknight family main dish dinner ideas! 25 easy to make recipes that will have your family excited to sit down to a homecooked meal.Weeknight Family Main Dish Dinner Ideas

So many of you have asked me to help with meal planning. I have been listening. Planning meals can be so redundant! But guess what! It does not have to be. Make a mini-resolution to try something new once a week! You can go elaborate or simple but just shake things up. If the kiddos have a meltdown one a week. Brand new recipes will be a learning experience. Hopefully, after a few weeks of having a variety of dishes to try that will come around.

Five Keys To Choosing A Great Recipe For Your Family  Main Dish Dinner Ideas

  1. Keep the list of ingredients simple.
  2. Stock your pantry with key items that are found in lots of recipes.
  3. Make sure your everyday dinner recipes are easy to make.
  4. Choose lots of quick recipe ideas for your toolbox.
  5. Pick several recipes your gut tells you the kids will love. But don’t be afraid to stretch their palates once a month or more!

Cook dinner for your family, serve some yummy garlic bread or cornbread on the side and watch the magic of connection and laughter happen before your eyes.


Sticky Sweet Sriracha Chicken Recipe made with spicy sriracha, honey, ketchup, and budget friendly chicken drumsticks.

Sweet and Sticky Sriracha Chicken]

  1. My family loves my sweet and sticky Sriracha chicken legs! They are spicy enough to be interesting and sweet enough to be lip-smacking good. Here is a perk! They are great on picnics and taste great slightly chilled! ~Momma Can


Your search is finally over for the best stovetop ground turkey chili recipe. This is so good, and there is nothing like cooking chili on the stove. The tantalzing smells and richness of slow cooked tomatoes and spices are just amazing.


2. Hearty and delicious Spicy Turkey Chili cooked on the stove top! Nothing makes chili tastes better than keeping it real by using fresh ingredients and cooking it right on the stove top! ~Momma Can

This amazing Ground Turkey Rigatoni Ricotta Pasta Bake is the perfect family dinner. Makes 10 servings so there are usually leftovers!  This recipe is easy to make is budget friendly.  #rigatoni #pasta #bake3. Ground Turkey Rigatoni Ricotta Pasta is a family favorite and freezes well. Using free-range ground turkey when you can! Make sure to have fresh basil on hand for a garnish. 


Instant Pot Slow Cooker Weeknight Family Main Dish Dinner Ideas | Dr. Pepper Pulled Pork

4. Dr. Pepper Pulled Pork Sandwiches using Instant Pot or Slow Cooker.   – Can I hear a yum-tastic! I love Dr. Pepper, it is my go-to drink for a treat- Sunday! Having a yummy pork sandwich infused with my favorite beverage sounds like my kind of meal! ~ My Thrifty House

Italian Style Tuna Salad No Mayo Recipe

5. No May Italian Style Tuna Salad – A light and fresh tuna Italian style salad with green olives and fresh tomato. It is perfect on a bed of greens and amazing on a toasted baguette! ~Momma Can

Family Dinner Easy and Quick Beef Stir Fry

6. Yummy Beef Stir Fry, easy and quick for busy nights. Double this recipe for your family and enjoy a quick and delicious meal. This recipe is recommended for those who do not love to cook! And yes, it is okay not to love cooking, I mean I don’t like cleaning up after, so I can relate! ~Eclectic Chic Blog

Buttery Lemon Parsley Noodles, the perfect simple meal!


7. Buttery Lemon Noodles with Parsley. Here is another simple recipe for busy family nights. This is a crowd pleaser for the pickiest eaters in the world. Pasta with rich real butter, a squeeze of lemon and some pepper. Parsley is mixed in at the end to lend a bit of green. However, leave this out for the little ones in your family. I mean we don’t want a parsley meltdown. I use Italian flat leaf parsley. Buttery Lemon Noodles. ~Momma Can


Oriental Pasta 30 Minute Meal

8. Enjoy the crunch of the fresh veggies with the flavorful sauce in this 30-Minute Oriental Pasta Meal. ~ My Family Thyme

Healthy Beef Stew Recipe Family Dinner Idea

9. Healthy Beef Stew – Paleo Friendly – Gluten Free This easy beef stew recipe is delicious, gluten-free and ‘clean’ for those following a healthy lifestyle. ~ Just the Woods

Quick 30-minute chicken in my RockCrok from Pampered Chef! Rubbed down with garlic and herb rub! With a simple 5 minute prep, amazing herb rub, and 25 minutes cook-time, this Chicken Recipe is amazing!

30 Minute Meal Alert

10. Family favorite – 30 Minute Whole Roast Chicken the Rockcrok.   I have been using Pampered Chef tools for quick meals for years! I just love them. ~Momma Can

Family Dinner Ideas Chicken Cheese Rice Casserole

11. Chicken Broccoli Rice Casserole – A feel-good comfort food that the whole family will love. ~ Trisha Dishes

Eggplant Rice Dressing with Ground Beef

12. Cajun Eggplant Rice Dressing – This easily could my new favorite rice dish. I adore eggplant! ~Trisha Dishes

Rustic Lemon Chicken Breat- Shut Up And Pass the Pepper

13. Rustic Lemon Chicken Breast – This was my first sheet pan supper recipe and I still love it the best! You can switch up the lemon with oranges or limes and it is stille good eating. ~ Momma Can

BBQ Turkey Pizza CasseroleRecipe - Biscuit Pizza Casserole Recipe - - only 5 ingredients and ready in under 30 minutes! Refrigerated biscuits tossed in BBQ sauce turkey, with shredded cheddar with optional cilantro garnish. Our family loves this casserole!  


14. BBQ Turkey Pizza Casserole – Only 5 ingredients and ready in under 30 minutes! Refrigerated biscuits tossed in BBQ sauce turkey, with shredded cheddar with optional cilantro garnish. Our family loves this casserole!  ~Pamela List


Weeknight Family Dinner Ideas Amazing Greek Style Pot Roast15. Greek Style Pot Roast – An amazing recipe of meat is braised in a sumptuous gravy of onions, tomatoes, and wine until it is fork tender. ~ Lydia’s Flexitarian Kitchen


16. Mother’s Beef Stew- Debra is sharing home mom’s wonderful meaty beef stew and I can’t wait to add it to the menu. It looks very rich!  ~Shoppe No. 5

Use this easy recipe to bake crispy bacon in the oven, less mess, less stress! Perfect for Busy Moms!

BACON BONUS.. How to Make Bacon in the Oven – And last but not least on our family main dish dinner ideas ! My go-to whip up some BLT sandwiches for dinner. Bacon! Learning to bake bacon in the oven was a total weeknight dinner game changer!


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