Keeping The Kitchen Cool Menu Ideas

This week for Hey Momma! What’s For Supper #91 is all about Keeping The Kitchen Cool.

The weather is warming up and its time to think less baking. It’s the time of year to embrace slower cooking, grilling, and simple salads.  And yep, limiting meat eating, increasing fresh veggies and fruits while they are ready and abundant.

Hey Momma! What's For Supper #91 Keeping the Kitchen CoolHey Momma! What’s For Supper? #91

Keeping The Kitchen Cool Menu IDeas

This week for supper we have a yummy slow-down and enjoy but don’t heat up that kitchen line up! Y’all, this gal does not heat up her kitchen in the summer! It is just too darn hot!

I would rather just pop in a Crock Pot meal or pick up some salmon and super quick cook it on the grill or in quick cooking salmon patties.  Throw in a nice quick saute of greens and a crisp salad and we are talking healthy yummy dinners.

Hooray For Rotisserie Chicken!

Let’s not forget all the kind grocery stores that will give you a plump roast chicken to save you from heating up the kitchen or fried if that is your game.

It is okay to put your apron in the drawer during the warm days of summer and take it easy with the kids.

Remember less is more for protein and more is joy in fresh veggies and fruits! Pretty simple right? 

And while you are slowing down and keeping the kitchen cool why not enjoy a nice fresh fruity beverage and some sweet new Recipe Reads!

Check out our Cranberry Basil Mint Lemonade and our Yummy Guava Punch!

Here are my current Cook Book and Entertainment Obsessions!

Momma’s Cook Book and Entertainment Obsessions!


Hey Momma! What’s For Supper? #91 Keeping The Kitchen Cool

Menu Plan for the Week

Lunches are going to be simple salads, and me enjoying making lots of cute Fruit, Veggie, Hummus, and Cheese boards! Creativity is not just for crafters! Foodies love design just like all those crafty chicks!


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Keeping the Kitchen Cool

I hope you found some inspiration for creating yummy meals for your family this week!

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Keeping the Kitchen Cool

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  1. Ribeyes are life! I love the idea of keeping the kitchen cool. Especially here in south Texas! Im going to have to save that Red beans and Rice. Hubby loves it, but the one time I made it, it was so mushy that I haven’t tried again! I hope you have a wonderful week!

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