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10 Signs You Need A Mom Break


Read these 10 Signs to see if you need a mom break!10 Signs You Need A Mom Break

  1. You randomly start crying and you know Aunt Flo just left for a three-week vacation so it is not about her.
  2. You have not had a meal sitting down in three weeks.
  3. Breakfast is whatever your child did not eat off of their plates washed down with three cups of coffee to keep you going until it is time to make their lunch.
  4. You are wearing yoga pants, you notice the stains from the mac and cheese dinner from four days ago, you consider it a win that there is no bbq sauce from the chicken nuggets from yesterday’s lunch.
  5. You have not read a book without pictures in a decade.
  6. Your dressy shoes are clean athletic shoes with new shoelaces because they go so nicely with your stained black yoga pants.
  7. You have started drinking wine out of juice glasses and because it is a major time saver knowing your fancy wedding stemware has to be hand-washed.
  8. You have a mommy-meltdown for no particular reason and then cry because you wasted so much energy on the meltdown that you are going to have to make chicken nuggets again for dinner tonight.
  9. Your last three date nights were at Home Depot and Target.
  10. You consider Target the only place you can wind down…after contemplating this sad state of affairs you randomly start crying again… and blame it on Aunt Flo but we all know she is on vacation for three weeks.

Yep, You Need A  Mom Break.  

Wait… I need a Mom Break.

The Burning Question: What signals remind you that you need a Mom-Break????

Have a super day and take that break ladies!

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