Eat Clean Seven Day Family Meal Plan

This week I am sharing our Eat Clean Family Meal Plan. Seven days of simple breakfast, lunch, and dinner ideas that are healthy for your family.

Eat Clean Family Meal Plan

Eat Clean Seven Day Family Meal Plan

This week‘s meal plan is full of yummy recipes made from real ingredients. We are just coming off of a holiday week and I really feel like sludge. Can you feel like sludge?
I am a magazine reader; I mean I could spend a whole day getting my magazine fix with a cup of coffee and a protein box from Starbucks and feel like the Queen of the world.
I grabbed a big stack to read over spring break, many were about getting healthy.
My goal this month is to hone in on eating well. I don‘t mean Penelope Perfect Gone Wild In The Greens, but eating food that gives me energy and does not contain a laundry list of chemicals.
So many of the magazines I devoured about health for myself and my family stated the same thing. Get plenty of rest, hydrate, get daily exercise, add strength training, and eat clean.

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Eating Clean Is Simple

Eating clean is simple. No refined grains, no added sugar, no processed yucky garbage food.
But honestly, when moms get stressed you can find us washing down a can of sour cream and onion chips with the sweetest chemical enriched soda pop we can find.
You will later find us in the closet trying to fit into a pair of skinny jeans from last year crying…  what happened?

Women with apple and tape measureKeeping Weight Off As We Age

Life happened, and it does not get easier as you add the decades. I gotta be honest; it is difficult to whip yourself back in shape for summer shorts and tops once you past 40 or eek, 50. The struggle is real.
And the truth bomb of knowing those chemicals are not good for our kids is so hard.
Telling them no to packaged food for their school lunch is a guilt-ridden cross mom’s bare everywhere. And yes, we lose the battle plenty of times. Why? Because we want our kids to have what the other kids enjoy. And more times than not, it is the chemical enriched funky junk food they see on TV or in other media daily.

Eating Real Food This Week

But this week, I am putting on my momma battle armor and we are EATING REAL FOODS ALL WEEK!  Our menu plan is going to be filled with good clean eating!
Y’all that means no drive-thru. No Pizza Hut delivery. Oh Lord, and no BBQ chips, not even those baked ones that say fat-free, gluten-free, crispy delicious.
Unless you have some kind of miracle drive-thru of only healthy food in your neighborhood., If you do, please tells us about it in the comments, we need to spread that good news all over the world!

Healthy Fruit and Granola BreakfastReal Food Seven Day Meal Plan

Our menu plans each day does not reflect the boys’ lunches. They eat on the run and make pretty decent choices. I figure if they are eating healthy all the time at home then their lifestyle choices will improve even more.

Breakfast Choices:

Whole Grain Toast with 100% real fruit spread or sliced banana and almond butter.
Assortment of Berries
Boiled Eggs
Overnight Oatmeal with my favorite honey and berries.

Easy Peasy Salad Lunches:

I love salads. With ready ingredients made each week I am happy to eat a salad every single day for lunch.
Lettuce Greens
Assorted Prepped Veggies – I love cucumbers, carrots, red and yellow bell peppers, celery and any kind of green herb pretty much. Herbs make a salad sing!
Leftover Chicken
Red Beans or garbanzo
Olives – Here are my favorites. Green Olives and Black Olives
Simple Olive Oil and Organic Balsamic Fig Vinegar.

Real Food Dinners:

Dinners have to be simple this month! We are in the middle of Tennis and Orchestra recitals; it gets hectic.
If I am stressed making dinner, homework time becomes stressed.  Yep, mom stress spreads like wildfire!
Is it like this at your house?

Seven Day Eat Clean Meal Plan Roast Chicken In MicrowaveMonday:

I am roasting a chicken with this amazing recipe that does not heat up the house. I will also make up a batch of mashed potatoes to use for two meals. My kid loves mashed potatoes.

I love using white pepper for mashed potatoes and then garnish with parsley. The green really pops when you use the white pepper. LOL Here is my favorite brand of white pepper.
We will have yummy green beans with this recipe. It is my favorite and I sometimes have a lunch of just green beans the next day!
Cast Iron Skillet filled with the best creamy mashed potatoes

spicy turkey chili recipeTuesday:

I am double batch cooking my famous Spicy Turkey Chili Recipe and serving it with organic sour cream and shredded cheddar. Check the ingredients!


Shawarma-spiced grilled chicken from the recipe book Skinny Taste One and Done.
I anything shawarma and can‘t wait for Wednesday to get here!  They filled this cookbook with recipes for many convenient cooking methods, including a slow cooker, sheet pans and Instant Pots!  FIND IT HERE.


Leftovers and Fruit Salad. A fruit pick-me-up is a must at the end of the week!  I purposely portion out leftover dinners from each day and try to save favorites for the picky eaters. Lord knows we don‘t need a picky-eater meltdown on a Thursday!
I purchased a couple of these meal prep divided plates to make our Leftover Day simply. Best money I have ever spent.  Find them here.
If you prefer glass then this set is highly recommended.  Glass Set can be found here. 

Seven Day Eat Clean Meal Plan Jerk Chicken at Local RestaurantFriday

Dinner Out – We found an amazing Carribean Restaurant with perfect Jerk Chicken. Eating clean means I will have the cabbage slaw!  Filling and yummy!

Fresh baked salmon with lettuce saladSaturday

Easy Baked Salmon with Roasted Brussel Sprouts. Watermelon chunks for a treat.  We try to buy wild caught if we can. I can usually find it at Whole Foods or Sprouts.

Simple Oven Roasted Corn on the Cob with real butter | Busy Mom Recipe for CornSunday

BBQ Bonanza! Free Range  Steak and Grilled Chicken Thighs, Oven Roasted Corn on the Cob, and Cucumber Tomato Salad! We are eating well this Sunday.

Eat Clean Family Meal Plan

I hope you have found some recipes to use to help you eat clean this week.  Eating clean is a wonderful addition to your long term plan of health and keeping your at your best as a busy mom!

I hope these recipes get you in the mood to plan your family dinners for the week!  Have a super day! XOXO Pam

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  1. Great meal plan!! I am working on 7 days at a time, we have to get healthy and we have to lose weight. If I can talk the hubby into it, we are going to add walking to our nightly routine when we get home from work! Have a wonderful week!!

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