Hey, Momma! What’s For Dinner #46

Hey,Momma! What's For Dinner #46FInd out what yummy dishes are being cooked up at momma's house!

Our dinners this week are all peppered with locally grown vegetables from a fun family-oriented local farm. They even allow you to pick your own, if you feel motivated.  I have noticed that when I buy locally grown lettuce, wash and thoroughly dry it properly, it will last for several more days than the one I buy at the store.  That means my salads are ready to be made all through the week!  I also found a great deal on corn on the cob at the local Walmart Neighborhood Market. I am grilling it on my Lodge Grill along with several chicken breasts.  We will eat this for supper tonight and store the leftovers to garnish lunch salad all week.

There is something so yummy about grilled corn, it adds lots of flavor to not just salads, but salsas, soups, and side dishes. So yummy!

 Hey, Momma! What’s For Dinner #46

Green Beans for a Crowd - A simple recipe from mommacan.com. This easy recipe is sure to please everyone at your next dinner party

Here is our meal plan for the week.

Monday: Grilled Turkey Patties, Green beans for a Crowd ( using those leftovers this week), rice, and fresh berries
Tuesday: Tacos with all the fixings, I am making guacamole with a portion of the grilled corn and a big pot of Vegan Ranchero Beans so I can add some to the freezer this week.

Wednesday: Grilled Chicken Breast, leftover green beans, Faux Chessy Potatoes with a bit of bacon for the little guy ( vegetable bribes, I am so guilty) and Strawberries
Thursday: Freezer Meal – We have leftover Vegan Chili and Keto Turkey Chili – serving it over Vegan Corn Bread

Friday: Amy’s Organic Roasted Vegetable Pizza and  Pepperoni Pizza with a big salad…. and Stevia Grape Soda.   I buy extra pizzas to make sure we are always ready for a quick family meal!

Saturday: Dinner Out ( hooray!)

Sunday: Low Carb BBQ Ribs, Grilled Vegetables, Leftover Ranchero Beans, and Apple Slices


Planning meals are a huge money saver in our house.  The bonus is having yummy leftovers for lunches during the week as well as freezing to create meals through the month.

Find a few more dinner ideas here. Or get more inspiration from this list.




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  1. I love fresh veggies which is why I grow my own but I also hit the farmers markets too for great veggies Pam. Love the sound of Vegan Ranchero Beans, must try those

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