Hey Momma! What’s For Supper? #85

If you are looking for amazing dinner ideas What’s For Supper #85 is going to be a real treat.  Finding dinner ideas each week can be super repetitive. Its nice to have a little boost each week of ideas to get your creative culinary meal-planning wheels going! This is it! Momma’s House!

Weekly Dinner Ideas for Families with images of the meal ideas.Hey, Momma! What’s For Supper? #85

This week we are grilling a couple of times because the weather has been super nice. This is my little reminder to you, Gas Grill, loving folks to make sure your gas tank is filled for Memorial Day cooking!

I hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day and please take a few moments and think about those who have lost loved ones in combat. No matter your politics they sacrificed their lives for our country.  Here is a post from way back about  Observing Memorial Day with Your Family. 

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What’s For Supper? #85 –  Weekly Plan


30-minute Whole Chicken Via Pampered Chef!
Annie’s Organic Macaroni and Cheese ( Gluten Free ) It’s really amazing, Annie does gluten-free like no other brand.
Sheet Pan Sriracha Green Beans ( Test Recipe) So, hopefully, it works so I can share good-news!


I have been browsing for some great pasta salads to take to social events and this BLT Pasta salad is amazing.
I am whipping together two salad, one with the noodles and one without.

Picky Eater Pro Tip: If you have folks in the house who are pork free then have turkey bacon and pork bacon crisped to add as a topper. They can choose what they like and everyone is a happy BLT Pasta salad eater!

As a fruity side, we are having watermelon. I keep seeing the big bins of watermelons at the grocery store and I just can’t help myself. You get a ton of fruit filled with vitamins for your family and most kids just love a good slice of watermelon.

Cranberry Mint Basil Lemonade is a refreshing treat. I had my doubts adding basil to lemonade for this recipe but it tastes amazing!


BBQ Turkey Pizza Casserole a pizza family treat that stays on budget.


  • BBQ Turkey Pizza Casserole
  • Sliced Tomatoes with Vidalia onions, balsamic vinegar, and olive oil
  • Leftover Watermelon
  • Iced Tea ( no sugar, I know my Southern roots love some sweet tea, but sugarless is refreshing)

My BBQ Turkey casserole recipe was a big hit with the guys in my family. It is a great way to use up turkey and I was surprised how well bbq sauce went with canned layered biscuits.  This is a crazy delicious budget-friendly meal.

The salad is very simple and is even better with a balsamic reduction if you have the time. Here is a simple method for balsamic reduction.

I short cut tea with Lipton Cold Brew Family Tea Bags when we are going sugarless. It is just too simple and is a nice change from water, which is our usual go-to drink for dinner.


This recipe is so tasty on a hot summer day and travels well for potluck suppers. You simply must try this quick and easy cucumber, tomato and onion salad recipe.Wednesday

Yep, we are really budget-friendly in this week What’s For Supper #85 menu plan.  Egg fried rice is so yummy! We had it often growing up, sometimes there was a bit of pork but usually, it was just some egg with onions and carrots. So good!
Cheap eats does not mean boring yucky eats, it just means your ingredients don’t cost an arm and a leg!

Stir Fry Carrots are a fantastic way to use up carrots in the fridge. Shred the carrots, saute to a nice brown ( like my country fried potato recipe!) using a bit of butter and olive oil. Add soy sauce and even a hint of ginger powder or fresh ginger if you want to get fancy. The butter cooked with the carrots creates a nice caramelized edge to the carrots. This is a tasty recipe that I do not make often enough. It was a real childhood favorite, thanks, MOM!

Fried cabbage and onions directions.


We love, love grilling up batches of meat to eat for the next couple of days for lunches and dinners. I have found they grilling chicken thighs is the best. The meat does not dry out like a chicken breast and it works well in a salad, sandwiches, and casseroles later in the week!
The grilled pork goes pretty quick, thanks to an over six-foot and still growing teenage boy in the house. Leftovers are scarce, but we can usually get a couple of meals out of the pork as well.


Leftovers really make me happy. I mean it, I love having an easy peasy night of dinner prep. When you make a fresh salad to accompany your leftovers it really feels like you made a new dinner, because salad is so versatile!


My guys love DIY Sandwich night because they get choices. I love DIY Sandwich night because I am basically just setting out bread, meat, cheese, and some veggies. This is the simplest dinner that I can’ think of that does not involve going through a DRIVE-THRU window. Salute to DIY Sandwich night!

We are enjoying some seasonal peaches sliced and placed on a pretty platter because they seem to be kind of price this year.  Might as well make a big deal about it if you are going to splurge on your son’s favorite fruit.

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Weekly Dinner Ideas for Families with images of the meal ideas.What’s For Supper? #85

I hope you found some inspiration for creating yummy meals for your family this week!

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