Celebrating Southern Cooking This week

Celebrating Southern Cooking with a week of recipe and dinner ideas from the deep south! Let’s get cooking and let’s get eating! Don’t forget Y’all, Friday is Pie Day! Celebrating Southern Cooking with a week of recipe and dinner ideas from the deep south! Let's get cooking and let's get eating! Don't forget y'all, Friday is Pie Day! #southern #south #dinner #ideas Happy Monday! This week we are Celebrating Southern Cooking! From deep-fried chicken to skillet fried okra we are going to celebrate the south to honor Martin Luther King and the amazing folks who handed down amazing dishes throughout the years to celebrate the harvest and a good piece of cornbread. Put on your stretchy pants, this will not be a low carb week and there sure will be leftovers to enjoy at lunch and a slap of good pie and a smidgen of bread pudding to celebrate the sweet tooths in your family.


Celebrating Southern Cooking with crispy Memphis style fried chicken


Celebrating Southern Cooking

Celebrating Southern Cooking and give a shout out for Friday because it Pie Day! We are baking up a yummy Chocolate Chess Pie! We are giving a big shout out to Friday cuz it Pie Day!

Friday is PIE day!

  • That is why we are having leftovers.  When I think of Southern Pie many pies come to mind. But this year I am teaching my son his favorite. Chocolate Chess Pie! Woot! They also serve this a Gus’s World Famous Fried Chicken.  If the I can get down there and grab a sample to compare our homemade version you can bet the last biscuit that I will! Gus’s is Famous for one reason, Chicken, and it is the best darn fried Chicken in the USA and their pies are pretty darn good as well.  If you are not big on cooking there is no better way to get to Celebrating Southern Cooking than a trip to Gus’s!
  • Saturday – Twisting my husband’s arm to take me to Les Sister’s restaurant in Chatsworth for a cook’s night out!
  • SundayWhole Roast Chicken with Southern Crack Green Beans, Crispy Skillet Fried Okra and tomatoes, Cornbread and I am going to make a huge jug of sweet tea to celebrate the end out cooking Southern all week!

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