Find Out How Exercise Can Reduce Holiday Stress


Find Out How Exercise Can Reduce Holiday Stress

Hi, friends, today is day three of the self-care challenge. If you are just finding the challenges feel free to check the end of the posts to find out previous building blocks for Self-Care.  The first two building blocks were sleep and nourishment. Today we will explore exercise and find out how exercise can reduce holiday stress.

Find Out How Exercise Can Reduce Holiday Stress

Exercise helps reduce stress!  The Physical Activity Guidelines Advisory Committee Report, 2008, published by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, concluded that physical activity can protect against feelings of distress, defend against symptoms of anxiety, guard against depressive symptoms and enhance psychological well-being.

This post is not a suggestion for you to sign up for the 50k Jingle Bell marathon. But just a little nudge to take a wonderful walk, practice yoga, dance in your living room or take kids out and “really” play at the park. Get active for your well-being!

Yes, busy moms do tons of walking while shopping for “holiday everything”.  However, pencil in time every day or as often as you can for a beautiful movement session that will bring up your heart rate and give you some peace.

Hmm, is anyone getting the send that self-care for busy moms requires some planning?

Find Out How Exercise Can Reduce Holiday Stress

Planning For Exercise To Reduce Holiday Stress

Planning to make time for exercise sounds simple on paper but the reality is exercise takes time and busy moms are STRETCHED for time.

  • One of the game changers for movement has been Mile and Step Counters. Many are built into smartphones and smartwatches but you can still just click on a cheap one and check to make sure you are grabbing those 10,000 recommended daily steps or improving your previous step day.
  • The second game changer has been indoor-walking programs and the queen of all indoor walking programs Leslie Sansone. She now has an App so you can take you walking program anywhere! Check out this blog post Leslie Sansone Your Daily Walk App.
  • The last game changer for busy moms and fitness is forgiveness and acceptance of where you are. If you have been less than enthusiastic to lace up some shoes and get in some walking or other physical activity. You have your very own permission to forgive and forget, make a plan, and then get moving.

Self-Care Challenge

  1. Schedule time for movement each day or as often as you can each week. You are worth it! Keep this building block at the top of your list!

*Disclaimer  Remember when starting any kind of physical activity program to consult your doctor.


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