Heart and Home – Self Care

Today we begin our Heart and Home Momma Olympics!

Here are the game rules:  Simply grab a pad and paper and add up the points your earn for each of the items listed below.  You get points for general housework as well as points for Simple Daily Challenges that will be posted throughout Momma-Olympics and our focus for this event is Heart and Home with a dash of Back To School.  You can share you tallied up points at the end of the day in comments or on Facebook

How many points can you earn each day during the Momma Olympics?  As many as your heart desires and time allows!

  • Make a bed. =10 points
  • Clean bathroom sink, quick clean-up of the toilet bowl and wipe bathroom countertop. = 25 points.Momma Olympics Summer 2014-001
  • Load of Dishes =  25 points
  • Load of Laundry =   25 points
  • Vacuum, sweep, or mop a floor. =   25 points
  • Take out Trash =  5 points per bag or can.
  • Plan and make breakfast or lunch. = 10 points
  • Plan and Make dinner one night.=   25 points
  • Clutter Donate or  Toss it Away! = 1 point per item flung or donated. <<<<<—— MY FAVORITE
  • Clean kitchen sink and wipe down counters =  25 points
  • Home Office Management = 100 points for 15 minutes (finances, meal planning and scheduling)
  • Healthy You – 25 points for daily exercise or movement and 25 points for daily meal tracking.
  • Simple Daily Challenges = Up to three per day  for 100 points each.

These challenges can be tallied up daily and then a complete tally at the end of the Mom Olympic Challenge

The Heart of the Home

Many folks consider the heart of the home the kitchen.  However, the real heart of the home is the person who takes care of the home, nurtures the children, supports the spouse/partner and take time each day to make things just a little more beautiful.

Many times this caregiver/mom is so overwhelmed that they fail to take care of themselves,fail to nurture their needs both physical and mental.

Look at it like this:

When you go to the market to buy apples for your children, you never pick the bruised apples and never ones with worm holes!
You want to buy your family the best apple, the one without  bruises and wormholes, in essence a wholesome healthy apple. You would never pick a bad apple to nourish  your child.

In your home, you are the apple. You are the fruit that nurtures your family and they need a whole healthy fruit, not a fruit that is tired and cranky. Your health and well-being have to be part of your daily routines so that you give you family the best nurturing possible.


Today’s Simple Daily Challenge is as follows.

Spend some quiet time reflecting on your goals for this week, this month, the next six months and the next year.

Write a simple goal for the week that will give you a boost in the right direction. If you have time write you goals for the next month.

  • Example: Eat less fried food and more green vegetables or Exercise 4 days this week!
  • Example for longer goals- Walk  Three Miles – Three Time Per Week

-100 points for this challenge plus all the points from your daily routines listed above.

“Rest and self-care are so important. When you take time to replenish your spirit, it allows you to serve others from the overflow.
You cannot serve from an empty vessel.” 
― Eleanor Brownn


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