Hey Momma! What’s For Dinner? #48

Meal Planning is easy with fresh ingredients.

What’s For Dinner?

Hi, Friends!  Happy new week and merry meal planning Thank you for stopping by to read Hey Momma What’s For Dinner!  We are having Family Pizza night this week and I am batch cooking pulled BBQ Chicken Thighs for the freezer.  I am also testing recipes for Vegan Cornbread later this week. With school starting these simple meals will be a real lifesaver for busy schedules.  I hope you all have a JOY-FILLED week!!!  Don’t miss joining our new PRIVATE FACEBOOK Group. We are really getting to know each other. Details at bottom of post.

Here is What’s For Dinner This Week

Monday: Super yummy turkey chili and vegan chili. I am making a huge batch of both for my freezer stash along with a big pan of cornbread. Find my yummy turkey chili recipe here.
Tuesday: Grilled Pork Tenderloin Medallions,  Butter Beans, Roasted Brussels sprout, Southern Buttered Potatoes, Mixed Green Salad and a big pitcher of Iced Tea.

Wednesday: Leftovers with sliced melon for a treat. ( I kind of love Leftover Days, this momma catches a break)

Thursday:  Slow Cooker pulled bbq boneless chicken thighs on sourdough toast with Carolina Red Slaw.

Friday: Dinner Out – I am ready for another Indian night, we have been eating at the Veggie Grill and I don’t want to get Beyond Beef Burger Burnout. lol

Saturday: DIY Pizza night with tons of toppings. Will make enough for Sunday Lunch, which is a huge help on our newly induced busy school schedule. I just grab a couple of Against the Grain Pizza and chopped up some toppings that boys choose from a list. ( this prevents overbuying)  Note: Most leftover toppings for pizzas can be frozen and added to a pot of pasta sauce later in the month.

Sunday:  Low Carb Vegetable Soup with Vegan Cornbread  (Note I do not use Bouillon, as a rule, I use no chicken vegetable broth.)


Only the pure in heart can make a good soup.
Ludwig van Beethoven

I would love to hear What’s For Dinner at your house in the comments! If you need more dinner ideas find them here on the menu-planning board or 

here at the orgjunkie.com


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