Hey, Momma! What’s For Dinner #51

Hey Momma! What's For DInner #51

Hey, Momma! What’s For Dinner #51

We are getting the house dressed for fall. When you live in Southern California there is not a huge weather change so I bring my Southern roots with me with the indoor decor.
This year will be double the fun because I am decorating the dining room for Dios De Los Muertos. I am taking photos early to share on Pinterest and the web and then will take it down for the daily fall decor for October and November.  I love the colors of Dios De Los Muertos and my heritage is Mexican so this observation of life and death and remembering and celebrating my loved ones that have moved on has taken on a very important role to me. I will have photos of my brother and other relatives displayed. It is a misunderstood day in October for many so I hope my photos and simple decor will shed a bit of light on this Mexican tradition.


Updated Our Recipes at Mommacan.com


Over the next several weeks we will be updating our recipes to a new WordPress Plugin. I will also be making dishes and taking new photos of many dishes. In my early photos this dish did not get the beautiful representation it deserves, but let me tell you, it is delicious!  It is one of my favorite recipes and it is a very economical dish.  Mmm, Rustic Lemon Chicken.

Menu Plan For the Week

MondayRustic Lemon Chicken- Shut Up and Pass the Pepper, with Greek Smashed Potatoes, and Cucumber Salad

Tuesday  Tacos with free range beef filling and mashed pinto beans with Mexican Lettuce Slaw! ( Recipe will be coming soon!)

Wednesday Crispy Chicken Thighs, Roasted Carrots and Cauliflower and Sliced Cucumber and Radishes with a Lemon Dressing – I am working on a lemon dressing for my recipe stash. I have a lemon tree bursting at the seems and someone needs to go out and save it from itself. 

Thursday – Leftovers, Frozen Soup, Chili or Sandwiches – its Family Diner Night!  I love a good Family Dinner Night, mile-high sandwiches, chili with any fixing you can muster up from the fridge ( no one judges, you want a little peanut butter or saur-kraut, you choice)

Friday   Dine Out – I heart Bollywood’s yummy cucumber salad and Tandoori Chicken.

Saturday – Pantry Meal – Pasta and Frozen Meatballs – Zucchini Pasta for momma! I have the fancy veggie spiral machine but I always grab this one out of the drawer. Veggie Spiralizer 

Sunday – Turkey Burgers wrapped in lettuce, Homemade Fries, Vegetable Tray

I would love to hear What’s For Dinner at your house in the comments! If you need more dinner ideas find them here on the menu-planning board or 

here at the orgjunkie.com


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I am so excited!


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