What’s For Supper #53 School Is Now In Session

School Is Now In Session! Grab our menu plan and get inspired in the kitchen this week!What’s For Supper #53 School Is Now In Session

Welcome to What’s For Supper! Hi everyone and happy Monday! School starts this week! Can I get a mom cheer going?  It starts Wednesday and we have been busy organizing and getting our lunches planned for the week. I have the most amazing refrigerator makeover to show you guys! Be on the lookout!  My son said, ” I am not sure if we are worthy to eat out of this fancy thing!” Lol, teens are so sarcastic.

What’s For Supper?

Our dinners will reflect our new schedule as well as our traditional Back to School night out. I am so excited because this year it falls on my birthday!  So I am assuming there will be spice cake with cream cheese icing because that is my favorite.

Dinner time during the busy school year can get pretty hectic. It is this time of year where I would normally break out the slow cooker, but now we are wild for our Instant Pot!  And this amazing new pizza recipe I have been working on using biscuit dough. I will totally share it after a few more practices. I generally make most recipes three times. So, watch for that recipe coming this week.

Pictured is the totally yummy Cranberry Sunshine Salad.

Here is our menu plan for the week with helpful links!

Monday – Hawaiian BBQ Chicken Thigh ( Totally scored the family pack at Costco), Corn On The Cob ( In the Oven) and a fabulous Chinese chopped salad with nectarines and strawberries.
Tuesday – Dinner Out  Back to School dinner with the family.

Wednesday –  My Italian No Mayo Tuna Salad over greens with frozen french fries for the guys.
ThursdayInstant Pot Kalua Pork with Green Beans for a Crowd ( yummy leftovers!) and garlic toast.
Friday –  Tortilla Crusted Tilapia ( Don’t judge another cheat from Costco, but my kid loves it), with my Cranberry Sunshine Salad with Honey Lime Vinegarette.
Saturday – DIY Sandwich Night – I can’t wait!  I love the DIY  Sandwich night because it lets every eat what they like and we hang out and just have a good time.

I hope you find our Back to School dinners helpful and inspiring to create yummy meals for your family!  Sharing What’s For Supper each week helps me stay on track for cooking meals at home, so it is a blessing to share.

Please look for the amazing organized refrigerator post this week because it is already saving our family time and money!

Have a super week and check out orgjunkie.com for more ideas.


What's For Supper #52 School Is Now In Session Grab our menu plan and get inspired in the kitchen this week!

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