Hey Momma What’s For Dinner? #5

Happy Monday! I am so jazzed, we have had a beautiful day in Southern California, which sounds goofy, but it has been raining so much here I started to feel really gloomy. I am so much more productive on sunny days!  Plus, I love my GTD system, it helps me to focus, even when I am too busy to think.  This week on the menu I have simple suppers, but really am looking forward most to my Instapot night!  Everyone I know is on an Instapot craze! And for good reason, it is a super quick way to make a meal.

Find Out What Momma's is making for dinner!



If you have an Instapot recipe I would love to hear about it!


Plus, starting very soon I will be hosting a fun monthly gathering with my blogging pal from Life On Pearl Street,  that will feature one new writer a month, plus fabulous design ideas, DIY ideas, recipes and so much more!  We are celebrating creative talent!  Our Party Elves have been working around the clock to make this the best celebration on the WORLD WIDE WEB!  We are so excited!

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    1. Yes it is a pressure cooker as well as a rice cooker, slow cooker and a few other buttons I have not tested. And it is super roomy! So you can make quite the batch of chili.

  1. I have got to go find a insta pot. I haven’t seen one. Anything that makes meal making easy has my vote.

    Thanks for mentioning them.

  2. Your menu this week sounds super yummy!! Everyone I know is talking about their instapot!! My 73 year old boss asked me if I had heard of them and exactly what were they, lol!! Thinking I may have to break down and get one. I am very excited about Create and Celebrate!!!

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