How To Create A Pretty Fall Porch

Easy steps to creating a pretty fall porch.

I have been zipping around the house straightening and wool-gathering ideas for the fall home tour.  I have so many things to do and so little time (you know because I am a busy mama!)  But I must tell you I am enjoying the whole planning, projecting and decorating process and can’t wait to share the big Fall Tour in a couple of weeks.  I was so excited with one of my fall shopping finds that I decided to give a sneak peek with a simple tutorial on decorating a pretty front porch.   We really do not have a porch, just a door with enough room for a small metal folding chair that I absolutely love. But hey, you gotta make do and love what you do.

Creating a beautiful entry can be costly but you can stay in budget if you use what your already have and bargain shop around for the rest.  I purchased the pumpkins at a local farmer’s shop, the flowers at Home Depot, the wreath at Homegoods and the charming little welcome mat was a last-minute purchase at Kohl’s.

Choosing the right color combination adds just the right pop to a fall porch setting.

The next five steps are going tell you how to create a pretty fall porch. Your entryway will look dazzling with just a few addition of flowers, a wreath, pumpkins and a door mat.

1.Start by choosing a color palette. We have a red door. It works super well at Christmas, Valentines and Patriotic American holidays…. however it is a real challenge to choose colors for my softer holidays.  The fall season does capture reds in many hues but it is the oranges and yellows that make this Southern girl’s heart sing.  – I chose to keep the red in mind while honoring my chosen color palette of warm oranges and yellows.  I just have to have my pumpkin colors in the fall. I know that everyone is raving about white washes and gorgeous white pumpkins, but my happy place is always the traditional colors.

2.Next- pick a focal point or focal object that you love.  In our setting it is the nifty wood shaving wreath. I love that it is a bit modern and it really does have enough interesting contrast to valiantly compete with that beg red door.

Fall Porch -Rustic Orange Mums with pumpkins in oranges in yellows.

3.Choose an object that will give layers of height.   We have this wonderful wooden plank chair with metal legs that I have used over and over. It folds up for storage and was originally in my husband’s music studio.  I have been borrowing his chair now for around four months.  I may have to promise him Chicken Pot Pie so that I can keep it. The chair gives more dimension to the decor and adds height and an extra flat surfaces to hold more goodies.

4. Add some color, foliage and something whimsical.  I am totally fine with just simple flowers and pumpkins, but a little frog holding a sign that says “give thanks” would be welcome. I would love to add a gnome but my husband is not a gnome kind of guy.  We are really frog and princess people around these parts.  The frog below is awesome…. He is enjoying two of my favorite pastimes, drinking coffee and reading!

Frog Holding Coffee

(affiliate) Joy of Reading Garden Sculpture AKA Frog reading and drinking coffee.

5. Don’t forget the doormat.  I did. 🙂   I had been using the original door mat for the entrance in the garage and when I brought it upstairs I just was not happy with it. So I did what all busy moms do when creating a simple pretty fall porch. I made a mad dash to Kohl’s and found one.

Simple mix brown and oranges welcome mat.

This last little bit was added late at night so I had to do some camera and Photoshop magic just so you could see the pretty colors.  I kind of love it.  Big plus it will keep the dirt outside and that means LESS housework.  Hooray!

So, there you have it folks, a super simple method of decorating your porch to make it beautiful and inviting for guests to come for a visit and the neighbors to say ooh and aah!

How to create a pretty fall porch.


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Have a beautiful day. Pamela at Mommcan

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