What’s For Supper #62 Eat Clean Dinner Ideas

This week I am sharing Eat Clean DInner Ideas! SImple meals that are good for you! Plus a few cheats for my growing boysThis week I am sharing Eat Clean DInner Ideas! SImple meals that are good for you! Plus a few cheats for my growing boys.

Eat Clean Dinner Ideas

Happy Monday! A brand new week and I am so jazzed for it to begin.  Lately, I have been in kind of a funk. Our busy schedule had us eating way too much drive-thru, and it was making me feel icky and lethargic. This was not working for my long-term health goals and it sure was not helping our budget.  Do you know what I mean? Yes, I will always feel a little joy-guilt eating a double whammy cheeseburger with everything, a side order of fries, and an ice cold sugar-laden beverage.  Five minutes later I feel overly full and then thirty-minute later I can only think about how fast can I get to the couch for a nap.  Friends, that is not living!

So I pulled out all those books you buy when you feel that ” I Need To  Diet Now” voice screaming in our head.  So many of them had four things in common. Drink your water, eat plenty of vegetables, a little fruit, and lean clean meats. The other three things the many of the books had in common, lose the sugar, the grains, and the processed food.  So, instead of embarking on an insane “Diet Plan” I am just going to do seven simple things for seven simple days and get a jump start on feeling better.

I hope you can join me if you need a boost!

I actually wrote a blog post on Seven Days of Food, Fit, and Fun, you can find it here.    I am using this guideline as a starting point and making sure I eat ZIPPO sugar. It will be hard, but that’s okay. I have accomplished lots harder things in my life and I am pretty sure you have as well!  Eat Clean Dinner Ideas are hard to find. However, keeping it simple by choosing meats cooked without tons of sugary sauces and eating vegetables with just a bit of olive oil or a bit of real butter, helps move things along nicely.

Here is our Eat Clean Menu For the Week

Monday – Turkey Burgers, no bun, extra lettuce, a slice of avocado, and some mustard. Okay, I will let my teen have a bun, or he will be miffed. I will also make him a batch of baked french fries and a cup of blueberries, just like when he was a toddler! LOL

Tuesday – Baked Tilapia ( I know not the best fish in the world) but my kid will eat it with lemon and ground pepper, so I am pretty excited. This will be stacked next to a mountain of steamed broccoli because I love it!  I am also serving slice cucumbers and an almond butter Thai ( kind of like peanut) sauce.

Wednesday – Sloppy Joes, okay, super sloppy for this gal, minus the bun, green salad, and strawberries. I am serving the guys sloppy joe mix over toasted wheat bread.  Its a bit healthier and its fun to cut your Sloppy Joe’s with a knife and fork.

Thursday – Kid Friendly Corn Chowder, Cucumber Salad, and this gal is having baked chicken thighs.  My kid loves Corn Chowder! I will not deny his favorite during my quest for a better waistline.

Friday – Cauliflower Pizza for me with pepperoni and this awesome BBQ Turkey Biscuit Pizza Bake for the boys.

Saturday – Dinner Out

Sunday – Beer Can Chicken, Oven Roasted Corn on the Cob, and a strawberry, cucumber salad.

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