What’s For Supper #97 Comfort Cooking at Home

What’s For Supper #97 is all about Comfort Cooking at Home. Each week I share what we are having for supper at Momma’s house to get you excited about planning meals for your own family at home.

What's For Supper #97 Comfort Cooking at Home

What’s For Supper #97 Comfort Cooking at Home

Sometimes you just need a little comfort food. The world gets a little crazy around September for busy families. The new fall schedule suddenly takes on a life of its own. It seems juggling sports, music lessons, and homework gets more stress-filled every year.

Putting on a pot of spaghetti, toasting some garlic bread in the oven and pouring a glass of wine for you while watching the kids finally settle down after an afternoon of chaos is a beautiful thing.

Taking advantage of one-pan meals and your slow cooker is essential during early fall when families are just adjusting to the new schedule for the school year.

And that my sweet friends, is what is for supper this week at Momma’s House! Good, old comfort food.

So grab your cozy slippers, a mug of cocoa, and your pen and paper and let’s plan dinner this week. Read what our suggestions are and then create your own list. Don’t forget to include at least one comfort food that your family loves.

Dinner planning should not be a struggle, but an extension of love to your family. ~ Pam List

I know my family loves DIY Pizza night!

Comfort Cooking at Home Menu Plan


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I have something super special planned in September! 
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I hope you found some good ideas for supper this week. I am working like a busy bee to grow these meal plans into something that will help families have wonderful food on the table without breaking the budget.

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