Supper Time at Momma’s

Hi ya’ everyone!, Here is What’s For Supper #115. Find out what we are having for supper at Momma Can’s house! Grab a pencil and paper and plan your dinners this week with inspiration and a gentle nudge to have the best week possible! Supper time at momma’s is my best effort for getting dinner on the table with joy in my heart even on the busiest days.

Happy Monday Friends!

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Happy Monday! It’s nearly noon here, but I have been knee deep in photographing for Valentine’s Day posts! I am so determined to get these out for you gals and gents as soon as possible! This gal just loves Valentine’s Day! I love the idea of sharing our joy with little heart treats and sending little -notes to those we care about!

I have to be honest, about half or more of these photos contain sugary treats. So my dinner plans for the week are super, super lean and green. Of course, we will still need some comfort food this week, so that is always a keeper.

A few times I will eat a big salad with hummus or oven fried tofu while the guys enjoy a BBQ Turkey casserole and a yummy pot of chicken and rice soup, so easy and good. I love salad, and it helps me fill up with fewer carbs and calories. The trick is not to eat it every day, or you will go banana bonkers with repetition.

Slow Cooker Chicken Thigh Carnitas

Supper Time at Momma’s House

Here is our menu lineup for Supper Time at Momma’s!

  • Sheet Pan Monday for the Win – Sheet Pan Supper with Chicken Thighs and tons of green beans. This recipe inspired me, but my guys are not on team Brussel sprouts.
  • Taco Tuesday – Ground Turkey Tacos with my favorite vegan canned refried beans, because I am pretty sure I will be lazy that day! Serving with pico de gallo and sliced watermelon.
  • Wacky WednesdayBBQ Turkey Pizza Casserole with Canned Biscuits! So darn easy!
  • Comfort Food Thursday Chicken and Rice Casserole with Salad Greens, dressed with fresh lemon squeezes, olive oil drizzles, and salt and pepper. Mmm.
  • Friday – Dinner Out – I think it’s my husband’s turn to pretend he is picking. So we will go with Indian, because I adore anything with coconut milk and hot curry.
  • Simple Saturday – Leftovers or PB & J. Keep it simple, save your sanity.
  • Slow Down SundaySlow Cooker Chicken Carnitas over rice with salad greens and a cilantro dressing.

Need more Menu Planning Ideas? Check out our many yummy meal planning ideas here! What’s For Supper? Menu Planning for Busy Families 

I wish you a productive week and hope this menu plan finds you safe and filled with joy!

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