Hey Momma What’s For Supper? #81

Hey Momma What’s For Supper? #81 is here! Hi everyone! I hope your weekend has been a blast! It is time to get our menus planned so we can have a stress-free productive week!  The best part of meal-planning is when you cook at home you save money, time, and eat cleaner!

If you are thinking about eating a clean diet this week for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, check out this post, Eat Clean Seven Day Family Meal Plan

Hey Momma What's For Supper #81 Dinner photos for family meal planning


Hey Momma What’s For Supper? #81

This week I am dabbling in my first real week of prepping all my snacks following the WW method (Weight Watchers). I have found that taking lifestyle changes one week at a time is very beneficial. I started my healthy lifestyle change by challenging myself first to one week of daily movement ( Leslie Sansone) and then a 30 days challenge which I completed today! I can say right now that daily morning movement has been a blessing! I feel so much better.

So my challenge this week is to honestly write down what I eat each day and follow the Weight Watchers method for sure at Breakfast and Lunch and one snack.  Then I will eat a healthy clean dinner with my family. I don’t know if this will be exactly under the suggest point level, but I hope it is very close. I can adjust the following week.  The following week I will add dinner after I write down in my Menu Plan all adjustments. I can still use an Eat Clean method using mostly organics and no processed food. This is better for me personally, as I was diagnosed with colitis a few years back. When I eat clean my symptoms are minimal. ( This works for me personally, see your doctor if you feel like you have symptoms like colitis)

Doritos, Cheetos, and Fritos

The benefit of eating clean far outweighs my brain and tastebuds missing Doritos or Cheetos with a crisp cold Dr. Pepper with a squeeze of lemon.  Yep, my go-to stress snack is changing this week.

I am working on a recipe that is like another one of my favorite crispy snacks, FRITOS! I love Fritos or even Doritos in a salad. I know its much like a crouton, but a crouton I can buy whole grain and use olive oil to toast it. Fritos, not so much.

I have two choices, find a clean alternative as a fun treat night dinner salad or make something crunch to add myself that has a low point score on the WW system. I will for sure share the recipe when I am finished.


Hey Momma What's For Supper #81Here is what is for supper this week!

Dinner Menu Plan No. 81


This Easy Green Pea Soup Recipe takes about 15 minutes to make and tastes awesome. A kid-friendly soup with the option of adding fresh mint and croutons as a garnish.What are your plans for dinners this week?

Share your best ideas in the comments!  Planning dinner takes a village!

Hey Momma What’s For Supper? #81

Planning supper is pretty simple. Keep track of your favorite recipes in a binder or folder, grab a paper calendar and each week sit down and plan! I like to plan suppers after I write down my commitments for the week. This gives me a heads up if I need to plan for a soup and sandwich night or grab the slow cooker and making a comfort meal. Either way, we eat better and healthier at home!


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  1. Congrats on completing your movement challenge!! I love soup for a meal, but hubby never thinks it’s enough.

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