Simple Whole Food Recipe Meal Ideas

This week we are keeping it real and sharing Simple Whole Food Recipe Meal Ideas that will make your dinner hour happy and healthy! Are you ready to kick off this week with some real food recipes?

Whole Food Recipe Meal Ideas for busy families. A weekly menu plan for busy moms.

There are times when I really get stuck in a food rut. This is totally fine and my husband really could eat the same thing every week! Once in a while, I just need to try something new! We are also trying to eat whole foods as a family and make a point of eating as little processed food as possible. This is so hard when you are a busy family! The key is really planning, keeping it interesting, and having two leftover nights a week!

We are not exactly doing a Whole 30, our goal is to eat whole foods 6 days a week! With our after school schedule no booming with a new sport and music this is going to get really interesting.  However, we are picking our favorites as we go and just like Tennis or Cello, practice makes perfect.


Whole Food Recipes are easy! Read the ingredients and enjoy tacos!Simple Whole Food Recipe Meal Ideas

What makes a meal simple? I really feel that cooking during the week should have very few ingredients and the ability to show up in another dinner later that week. For example, I am roasting two chickens on Monday. We will eat one and then chopped the rest for tacos or burritos on Wednesday. I will wrap mine in a lettuce wrap and the boys are eating organic taco shells and organic flour tortillas.  I can save the carcass for chicken stock and add leftover veggies to make it richer. Then we can have whatever is left of the chicken and the stock and turn it into an amazing soup! I love chopped chicken, frozen squash and corn with sauteed onions. Add just a hint of cumin and salt and pepper and you have rich and delicious Mexican style soup that is perfect on a rainy day.   Folks, this is three days of meals!

Here is our Menu for the Week

  • MondayPampered Chef 30- Minute Roast Chicken with Oven Roasted Corn on the Cob, and sliced tomatoes.
  • Tuesday – Grilled Pork Cutlets with steamed white new potatoes, and Fried Apples and Cranberry, (replace the butter with ghee or coconut oil)
  • Wednesday– Chopped Chicken Tacos with Simply Organic Spicy Taco Seasoning, lettuce, fresh homemade chipotle salsa, and shredded cheddar cheese. We just simply eat this and have fruit for dessert.
  • Thursday –  Chicken, Corn, and Squash Soup ( Recipe coming soon) but it is so simple! As mentioned in the paragraph above, just sautee the onions in a stock pot, add chicken stock, chopped chicken, frozen sliced squash, and leftover corn on the cob sliced off the ears or a small bag of frozen corn.
  • Friday – Frozen Pizza Night! We cooked up Cauliflower Pizza Crust and serve it with salad. I am going to make this Chinese Chicken Salad minus the chicken! At this point, I am chickened out!
  • Saturday – Steaks on the grill! Yes, my husband will have chicken and we always make extra for lunches! We are serving this up with Tropical Ambrosia Salad, Creamy Mashed Potatoes, and Grilled Sourdough Bread for the guys.
  • Sunday – Dinner Out! I am thinking Thai or Indian but it is going to be dad’s choice. It is officially his turn this weekend!

So that is our Whole Recipe menu for the week! We are really working as a family to keep our healthy eating on track!  Tell me what you serve for supper? Any great recipes? I would love some new ideas to try with my family.

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