What’s For Supper #63 I Love Turnips

Tired of Cauliflower? Ready to try something a little different in your quest to eat healthy low carb meals. Discover why I Love Turnips!

Tired of Cauliflower? Ready to try something a little different in your quest to eat healthy low carb meals. Discover why I Love Turnips!

Hi friends! I am so ready for this new week to begin. We had a super long weekend and I feel like Monday is going to give me a break.  I mean yes, it is a work day. But at least I only have to walk over to my home office to get started!  Don’t think of me as spoiled, working from his is super difficult.  I rarely take breaks and don’t know when to stop. It can get pretty exhausting. This is why MEAL PLANNING is so essential to my life.

I Love Turnips

I am trying my best to double cook several meals to get a jump on the holidays.  This will truly save my sanity!  This week I am tripling a KETO style version of my turkey chili and using the sheet pan supper method to save time in the kitchen with a new recipe I am working. SHHH, it is top secret. Not really, we love hot wings so I am ” winging ” a sheet pan version complete with roasting vegetables.  I can’t wait to see how it tastes!


Here is Our Menu Plan For the Week!

MondayTurkey Breast in the slow cooker, with mashed turnips ( yes, turnips are amazing mashed!), corn off the cob for the boys, and fresh strawberries.

Tuesday –  No bean version of my yummy spicy Turkey Chili with garlic toast for the boys.

Wednesday – Chili dogs, with leftover turkey chili and melon chunks for dessert. Yes, I am going bunless! This gal is sticking to it, even on Halloween!

Thursday– My special test dinner based on the amazing flavor of traditional hot wings. Check back next week to see if it was good!  If you need a good sheet pan supper to try this one. Green Bean and Chicken Sheet Pan Supper

Friday – Dinner Out! Woot! Happy Dance!

SaturdayQuest Pizza, why? Because it is Low Carb and I bought one of each kind so we could try them all! They are not large pizzas but they have 6grams of net carbs per serving. So you don’t break the carb bank.

Sunday – Beer Can Chicken, Roasted Corn on the Cob and Egg Plant crisped with parmesan cheese. 


I Love Turnips

I am not super duper fond of the Cauliflower dependency I see around the web for low carb versions of things that are supposed to taste like potatoes. ( not even going to mention that rice fiasco) Cauliflower is just great, once a week. But every day, it gets super old. And, my sweet low -carb-loving friends. It does not taste like potatoes.  There must be a million low carb cauliflower recipes on Pinterest.  And if you love them that much, and want them every single day of your life, then more power to you sister.  But man, I love variety. Mashed Turnips are a low carb root vegetables that are freaking amazing with a pat of butter and salt and pepper. Add bacon, and you will hear Angels sing. They also have a very nice consistency, like their cousin the potato, when they are boiled or mashed.   So, yes I love Turnips, and I don’t mind the world knowing it.


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