What’s For Supper #84

What’s For Supper #84. Each week I share what’s for supper at our house. I hope these recipes inspire you to create your own weekly meal plan!

What's For Supper #84

What’s For Supper #84

Happy Meal Planning day from momma’s house! Every week I share what our family is having for supper.

Just like many of you busy moms and dads we have lots of activities and responsibilities. Easy healthy meals are a must! Home cooking is good for our kids and a great way to bond.

Do I feel like you need to cook every night? Heck no!

We have dinner out, DIY dinners, and this week a Sandwich Board. Basically, I set out all the fixings for sandwiches and the boys go wild!

Check out our meal plan for the week!

Weekly Dinner Ideas, Our Weekly Meal Plan

Here is our meal plan for the week.

  • SundayFattoush Tuna Salad with hummus and carrot sticks. Our Lebanese Fattoush Salad is so yummy! Fattoush Tuna salad has a touch of honey, lemon juice, fresh veggies, and toasted pita! It is so darn good.
  • Monday Sheet Pan BBQ Chipotle Pork Dinner – psst, if you don’t like asparagus switch with green beans or onions! Here is the recipe link. – I love a good sheet pan dinner. This one has a couple of extra steps, but the recipe is worth the time. If you are short on time then bump this one to a weekend night. So GOOD!
  • TuesdayCurried Chicken Salad with Mango Chutney using white chicken breast meat from this easy recipe. When Whole Foods was purchased by Amazon. my favorite chicken salad recipe from the deli changed. I was bummed. I love a quick easy dinner from the deli. But no worries, I have a very good recipe for curried chicken salad inspired by Whole Foods. It is amazing! 

Happy Home 101 is our made for your private Facebook Group. We will be having the menu plan and recipe post each week along with free happy daily docket planner!  I have something super special planned June! Don’t miss out! Join today!

What's For Supper #84

What’s For Supper #84

I hope you found some inspiration for creating yummy meals for your family this week!

Need more Menu Planning Ideas?  Check out our many yummy meal planning ideas here!  What’s For Supper? Menu Planning for Busy Families 

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